At Konstantin Photography, wedding albums are at the core of what we do. Each of our wedding photography collections comes with its very own customized album. It is our desire to give our clients their first family heirloom. As your first family heirloom, it’s imperative for your album to be perfect! That’s why we made this list of top 5 things to check before you buy a wedding album.

If you talk to your parents or your grandparents about their wedding day – they’ll bring their wedding album out to show you. It’s really important to them. What are you handing down to your kids? A CD? A thumb drive? But who knows in 20 years from now if there is going to be such thing as a thumb drive? You have to have an album.

here are the 5 things to look for in a quality Album:

Leather binding

In a low-quality album the binding will actually shift. This will inevitably cause it to get loose in time. By providing quality leather binding, we make sure our albums never fall apart.



Genuine leather cover

High-end leather book covers feel like a leather jacket. However, there is “leather” out there that’s not really leather. It looks and feels plastic-y.


Thick pages

Thick, durable pages will stand the test of time. Thin pages will start peeling in a couple of years.


Lay flat design

For big dramatic images from your wedding day, we can design a layout to go across 2 pages. There will be no gutter in the middle.


Hand made

Hand-made albums not only receive extra quality control, but they also have unique corners. It’s not a regular criss-cross folded leather corner. Albums made by hand require someone to actually shape the leather so it has a pinched point on the corner.


Does it come with a box?

An album case will protect its content from external issues, such as flooded rooms, pets and small children reaching into the wrong shelf. A beautiful wooden heirloom box with customized cover will make you want to have your album out in the living room to enjoy with your friends and family.


Other questions to ask when picking your album:

Who selects the pictures for my album?

By letting you pick your favourite images for your album, we make sure that you receive a book with the pictures that you’ll love.

What are the turnaround times?

With us you get your album design after 2 weeks from images submission, the actual album is ready within 6-8 weeks after final approval of layouts. You will have unlimited design changes.

How many options for leather?

Consider asking, “Can I get the album leather colours tied to the colours of my wedding day?”

When you choose us, the answer is: Absolutely. With our albums you are able to pick from over 40 different colours and textures.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

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