Just a few days ago, I had the pleasure of witnessing Kristy and Tylere seal their devotion to one another on their wedding day. The entire day, the couple was surrounded by their family and friends, and it was a day of jovial celebration of the unity of two people whose passion is ever apparent.

When you meet Kristy and Tylere, you can see their bond shine through their eyes as they gaze at one another. Their wedding day was marked by the traditional wedding festivities and atmosphere, and signed with Kristy and Tylere’s tender love for each other.

These two were wed at the Terminal City Club, an upscale venue located in downtown Vancouver. Originally founded by Vancouver’s city mayor and several entrepreneurs as a businessmen’s club, the Terminal City Club is now located in the Vancouver business district within one of the city’s notable high-rise buildings. As a venue, it offers contemporary fixtures and lines that lend to stunning photography. Since it rained for nearly half of the day on September 17, 2016, Kristy and Tylere’s wedding day was spent largely within the Terminal City Club building. We were able to sneak away after the ceremony and family photos when the weather cleared, and we did capture some beautiful photos of the couple and the bridal party.

The ceremony itself was held inside amid the lavish Presidents Ballroom at the Terminal City Club. This stunning space afforded amazing views of Vancouver and an airy, open space where Kristy and Tylere sealed their vows with a kiss.

The day was marked with elegant details, including flowers and the lace of Kristy’s wedding gown. The sound of bagpipes rang as the bride made her way down the aisle to her groom, and the couple’s family and closest friends watched on as Kristy and Tylere were wed.

During the day, I was able to catch the light through many sharp, contemporary angles that led to crisp, clean photos of Kristy, Tylere, and their wedding party in modern, natural poses. While there was a small amount of coaching to be done, as in any photo shoot, many of the images captured were totally unstaged and real. Perhaps my favorite element found consistently within their photos is the looks shared between Kristy and Tylere, particularly the gazes of pure love.

Konstantin Photography wishes this timeless couple a happy, healthy eternity of love and life together!

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