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Sweet Thea creates the most magnificent wedding cakes! Thea has been making “dream cakes” and handcrafted chocolates for nearly two decades. She has worked as a pastry chef with noteworthy eateries, offering an unimaginable amount of expertise to design the perfect wedding cake every time! Thea and her husband operate their shop on Duncan Way, where visitors are welcome to stop by for a fresh treat.

Does this company really have the expertise to make a lavish wedding cake for my big day?

Yes. Sweet Thea is hands-down the best place around to design and create your wedding cake. Thea has been creating wedding cakes since 2009.

Where is this company located?

Sweet Thea can be found on Duncan Way in Langley. Sweet Thea’s confections and treats can be found at Farmers Markets and Fairs around the Lower Mainland. The company is an active part of the Farmer’s Market Community, offering delicious treats to people all around.

Can this cake company cater to my budget?

Most likely, yes! Sweet Thea offers a variety of wedding cake options, including “Simply Elegant Wedding Cakes”, a series that offers easy ordering. Simply choose the desired flavours, size, and you’re all set! With the “Fake (Faux) Cake & Sheet Cake” options, you can choose a fake cake with a single real slice for your ceremony or an elegant, cost-effective sheet cake tailored to your taste!

Are the cakes made with quality ingredients?

Thea is a master at her craft, and she only uses the finest ingredients. No preservatives, chemicals, mixes, fillers, or margarines are contained within Thea’s treats.

Does this company offer cupcakes?

If you are looking for cupcakes for your wedding or reception, you’ll be pleased to know that Thea offers a wide range of cupcakes! The minimum order is just one dozen, and there are many delicious flavour options available. Choose from Vanilla & Cream Cheese Icing, Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Icing, Chocolate & Double Chocolate, and many more!

What else does this company offer?

Sweet Thea also offers catering, dessert buffets, macaron and macaron towers, celebration cakes, and sheet cakes.

Sweet Thea offers an incredible value for the quality you’ll receive! With almost 20 years in the industry, Thea delivers an unforgettable wedding cake each and every time. Check her fantastical offerings online or contact her today!


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  1. Comment by Marian Comuzzi

    Marian Comuzzi March 21, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    Hello, I am wondering if you rent Faux Wedding cakes and what your prices are.

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