Hannah & Graham’s wedding

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In intimate surroundings complete with stunning views of Mount Washington and Mt. Albert Edward, Hannah and Graham became united by the vows of matrimony on June 13, 2015.

The couple chose to have their wedding at The Raven Lodge at Mount Washington Alpine Resort. This beautiful destination is a highly sought after wedding spot that offers gorgeous panoramas of the lush forest, mountains, and wildlife that surround it. The Raven Lodge offered the perfect backdrop to capture precious moments from Hannah and Graham’s wedding day on film. The day offered us beautiful weather to compliment our breathtaking surroundings, and guests enjoying making memories that will be cherished by all for years to come.

The day started out with photos of the wedding party and family memories. As the hustle and bustle of the soon-to-come wedding picked up, we were able to enjoy peaceful moments in the fresh air. As each wedding is unique, this wedding had a tranquility and buzzing excitement that were both uniquely palpable. The wedding party enjoyed discovering the ornate facilities and lovely surroundings, and all guests seemed to be at home in the unique outdoor environment offered by The Raven Lodge.

The bridesmaids were adorned in stunning deep beige dresses, and they were very excited to create memories on film for the newlyweds. We were able to capture photos of the bridesmaids and bride in a number of graceful, elegant poses. The groomsmen and groom, too, were dressed to the nines in tuxedos. Of course, we know that most people automatically ask what the bride’s dress looked like…

It was simply magnificent. Intricately detailed and perfectly tailored for the bride, the dress was beautiful. Although the beauty of the dress could be measured, the bride’s beauty was unrivaled. Hannah was inexplicably radiant! From her hair to her shoes, Hannah was ready for the big day.

Weddings can be associated with a lot of feelings. For instance, sometimes you notice the bride and groom’s nervousness. At other times, you notice a sense of “let’s get this over with”. Hannah and Graham’s wedding, however, was a smooth, enjoyable wedding.

The chemistry between these two can be best described as magnetic. Hannah and Graham enjoy a comfortable relationship where they talk to each other about everything. They’ve already put some epic memories on the books. They’ll never forget the deer incident or the moment Graham picked up a tiny kitten at a local pet store. These little unforgettable moments have forged the beginnings of their life together.

Hannah and Graham truly enjoy each other’s company. They love to smile, laugh, and joke with each other. Hannah anticipated her wedding day because it meant that Graham would finally meet her family from England. While the days and months leading to their wedding held some unforeseen stresses, the day was a true collaboration of their love and desire to be together for the rest of their lives.

Together, the couple chose The Raven Lodge because they both have a love for rustic wooden design. The outdoor wedding truly offers a sense of peace, and it guests felt refreshed and energized to spend such a special occasion outside among such beautiful country.

The ceremony was intimate and romantic, like something from a fairy tale. Hannah and Graham exchanged vows and sealed the deal with a kiss!

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