Megan and Ben’s wedding

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  • megan ben vancouver golf club vancouver wedding photography
  • megan ben vancouver golf club vancouver wedding photography
  • megan ben vancouver golf club vancouver wedding photography
  • megan ben vancouver golf club vancouver wedding photography
  • megan ben vancouver golf club vancouver wedding photography
  • megan ben vancouver golf club vancouver wedding photography
  • megan ben vancouver golf club vancouver wedding photography
  • megan ben vancouver golf club vancouver wedding photography
  • megan ben vancouver golf club vancouver wedding photography

date :: 2014-05-03

venue :: vancouver golf club

vancouver wedding photographer :: konstantin photography

hair & make-up :: coa & mia

décor :: rose chair covers

flowers :: VJ plant shop – peter rindje

catering :: vancouver golf club

Being a Vancouver wedding photographer, one of my absolute favourite ways to spend a Saturday is capturing the memories that will stay with a bride and groom for a lifetime. On May 3rd, we were blessed enough to be able to provide Vancouver wedding photography for Megan and Ben, a sensational couple that we had previously shot engagement photos for.

As a teenager, Megan knew who Ben was, but she didn’t yet realize that they were soul mates, destined to be together. Ben was a few years older than her, and the brother of one of Megan’s childhood friends, Aaron.

Once they eventually began dating, however, their bond became quickly apparent. In fact, Megan said that early on in their relationship she could already tell that Ben was the one, that she felt comfortable and wanted him in her life forever.

One trait that Megan finds extremely attractive in Ben is his passion for the things he really cares about, namely her and golfing. She also mentioned that his good looks don’t hurt either!

The two lovers had been dating for a few years when Ben popped the question – on Christmas Eve in 2012. They were in Rossland, a small British Columbus ski town and the childhood home of Megan’s parents, to celebrate the holidays with her relatives.

After a scenic walk which led to a church overlooking the mountain community, Ben dropped down to one knee and asked Megan to marry him. Talk about a gorgeous location and unforgettable backdrop! She said she was so surprised and shocked that the only word should could muster was a quick, “yes”. That turned into a long, embracing hug and then numerous phone calls to her mother and sisters.

While the idea of a destination wedding appealed to them, the couple decided on a more traditional approach so that all of their friends and family could share in their big day. Megan also wanted to make sure that Ben was wearing a full tuxedo, which in turn led to the day’s black and white, elegant décor.

For a venue, Megan and Ben chose the Vancouver Golf Club, a site considered one of the finest private clubs in all of the Pacific Northwest. Located in the of the city of Coquitlam, the Vancouver Golf Club has been a staple of British Columbia luxury since its founding in in 1910. Known to host some of the community’s most upscale social events, the Club offers a large banquet area overlooking the property’s well-manicured greens.

The weather may not have been the most welcoming on their wedding day, but it felt like Megan and Ben were just so happy to get married that they didn’t even notice – or maybe they simply didn’t care. Despite a little bit of rain at the Vancouver Golf Club, the beautiful couple was happy, smiling, and excited about the life together that they were starting.

How you first met? Our Story: We knew each other (not well) for a while before we began dating. Ben’s little brother Aaron was one of my close friends while we were growing up, Ben was 6 years older than us so we didn’t really hang out or anything. We began dating when I was 19 and Ben was 25 after a flirtatious night at one of our local bars the Foggy Due and were pretty much inseparable right away.

When did you know he/she was the one? I knew we were in a forever relationship fairly early on, he immediately felt like family to me and someone that I wanted in my life forever

The proposal :: Ben proposed to me on a mountain in Rossland, BC on Christmas Eve 2012. It was a picture perfect day and we were going for walk to explore the city my parents grow up in (we were there for the holidays staying at my Grandma’s house) when we got to my grandma’s church that overlooks the entire little ski town he got down on one knee and proposed. I was in shock there was hardly a reaction at all from me just a quick yes followed by a long hug and immediate phone calls to my mom and sisters.

One thing you love most about each other :: I love Ben’s passion when it comes to the things he loves to do. It’s really cute, I wish I could love any activity the way that Ben loves golf. And….. he is one of best looking guys I’ve ever seen.

What’s silly or quirky the other person does? :: Ben lays with his face in a pillow when he talks on the phone at home.

Besides getting married -­ what’s the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day? :: Seeing all my favourite people in the world in one room at one time.

Your favourite trend for weddings right now? :: Destination weddings….unfortunately we did not have that luxury, but we have been to 3 recently

What inspired your décor or theme? :: I wanted Ben to be in a full tuxedo, so the décor is black, white and elegant.

What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning? :: How much work it really is…… should have gone to Vegas 🙂

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