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Konstantin Photography recently had the extreme honor of documenting Gladiola and Andrew’s wedding, a stunning day in which love, romance, and forever floated in the air around us.

On July 1, 2016, Gladiola and Andrew were wed at the Peak Chalet at Grouse Mountain, and we’re going to share a few highlights and special memories from the day.

The day’s festivities were held upon Grouse Mountain, one of the North Shore Mountains located in North Vancouver. Over 1200 meters tall at its highest point, visitors can find opportunities for skiing here. In addition, Grouse Mountain Resort offers lodging opportunities, and in the summer, the resort offers a scenic chairlift ride, lumberjack shows, helicopter sightseeing, a hiking trail, and more. For those who love nature, the mountain offers a wildlife refuge and plenty of chances to see wild animals in their element.

Ahead of the main event, Konstantin Photography traveled to Grouse Mountain. Once there, we captured stunning images of the bride and groom from the Peak. The surrounding elements enhanced our session by adding flawless natural beauty to each photograph captured here, although the love between Gladiola and Andrew beautifully filled up each frame.

When it was time to prepare for the ceremony, we headed to the Peak Chalet. From there, we were able to enjoy the views of the surroundings while enjoying the ceremony. Infusing elegance, beauty, and nature, the ceremony was filled with an atmosphere of harmony, and we were able to capture breathtaking photographs of Gladiola and Andrew as they said their wedding vows.

For the ceremony, Gladiola and Andrew chose the beautiful Altitudes Bistro. From here, we had a bird’s eye view of many of the surrounding areas, and seeing treetops while we enjoyed the occasion was a true treat. Of course, we captured photos that will be cherished forever.

Over the course of our time with Gladiola and Andrew, it was evident that this couple has a true and deep love for one another. Seeing the two joined together in matrimony was such an honor, and I was humbled to capture so many special moments from their wedding day. From the families joining together to the tiniest details, Gladiola and Andrew’s wedding was complete with all the elements of love and honor.

Gladiola’s dress was a perfect fit for her, and it offered an elegance that enhanced her natural grace. She truly was a picture perfect bride!

And seeing Andrew patiently await his bride’s arrival was a highlight. The look on his face as Gladiola walked towards him was simply priceless. We were able to get some great shots of these moments!

At Konstantin Photography, it’s not all about the job. We are committed to focusing on the details and getting to know each and every couple we work with. It’s our privilege to bring forth a wedding photography service that excels by getting to know each client. As you can probably see from each wedding shoot, every couple is different. Every single couple has their own unique tastes and style, and we’re proud to learn these preferences and accentuate them to capture those special moments forever.

Gladiola and Andrew’s wedding day was like a fairy tale taking place in a castle in the sky. The day was fully planned and coordinated by Smitten Events, a local event planning company that offers a variety of services. When it comes to wedding days, they offer packages and services that include day-of management, partial planning, and full planning.

It was an honor to serve at this special wedding, and we thank the couple for the privilege. We wish Gladiola and Andrew a lifetime of love as they walk forward as man and wife!

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