I’m thinking of E and A today, as they just recently celebrated one month of wedded bliss. The couple was married just last month, and I was humbled to be a part of their special day on November 3, 2017. This was a very special day for all who attended, and I know it’s one that won’t be soon forgotten by the guests, including myself.

E and A make such a great couple. Down to earth, fun, kind, and in love – that’s the vibe you get when you’re in their presence. It’s easy to see why they’ve fallen and love and chosen to be together for the rest of their lives. They’re best friends, and the look you see in their eyes as they glance at one another tells so much about the closeness they share.

One thing I enjoy about my job is that I get to see a window into each couple’s future. Their disposition, their closeness, their personalities say so much about where each couple will be going. After getting to know E and A, it’s plain to me that they’ll be by each other’s side for a long, long time.

On their wedding day, I met with the couple and their loved ones at Aria Convention Center. E and A chose to have their wedding on this venue’s grounds, a very smart decision. This venue offers beautiful grounds dotted with the fall colors of maple trees, walking paths, and quaint little bridges. It truly does look like something out of a book, or in the case of our couple, a fairy tale.

When E walked out in her dress, A had his eyes closed until his bride-to-be reached him. The expression on his face when she was revealed was priceless.

Afterwards, the wedding party and guests journeyed inside for the wedding ceremony and reception. Within Aria Convention Center, E and A would be wed. To see everything in place before the guests arrive really was like something out of a book. The inside of the banquet hall was elaborately decorated with lush canopies, floral arrangements, and centerpieces. The colors for all the decorative accents were red and white – and the atmosphere truly exuded love and romance.

The ceremony itself was a carefully planned and curated event in which rich tradition was carried out before guests. It’s always amazing to me to see the intricacies of such traditions, and E and A’s wedding is one I won’t soon forget.

After E and A sealed their bond of matrimony, the reception ensued. There was entertainment, dancing, food, and more. It was such a fun reception, and I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to photograph each moment. Then, the bride and groom cut their cake. After that, the fun lasted for hours.

I would like to wish E and A a lifetime of happiness and wedded bliss. They are a beautiful couple surrounded by family and friends who truly love them so much. I greatly enjoyed the chance to capture those special moments from their wedding day for them, and I hope that they cherish these photographs for a lifetime.

Whenever I’m taking photographs at a wedding, I always keep in mind that someone’s future children and grandchildren could be seeing these images, and it truly is awe-inspiring.

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