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On June 26, 2016, I was privileged to witness the wedding of Karen and Petre. The day was filled with lighthearted smiles, laughter, and tender moments, and I was able to capture many of these special bits of time on film for this lovely couple.

The 2016 wedding season has officially started, and Karen and Petre’s wedding was the first wedding I covered this season. This beautiful outdoor wedding was such a refreshing, lively, and unforgettable way to start the 2016 wedding season!

First, I want to say a few things about this couple. If you spend just a few minutes in the presence of Karen and Petre, you can see that their love for one another is genuine and ever-present. They each treat the other with a sincerity that only comes naturally when two people are devoted and in love.

For their wedding day, Karen and Petre chose to do bridal party and location photos at the world-renowned Queen Elizabeth Park.

Queen Elizabeth Park is a 130-acre public park located on Little Mountain in Vancouver. If you have visited there, you were one of approximately 6 million visitors that go there each year. For the photo shoot, we were graced with the most beautiful, warm, sunny day, and we had some of Queen Elizabeth Park’s most stunning backdrops to add to our photos. The park is a majesty, featuring approximately 1500 trees, a conservatory, the famous Quarry Garden, a rose garden, fountains, and more. Whether you go there to relax or take photos – perhaps for your own wedding – you won’t be disappointed!

During our photo shoot, the bridal party had fun in the sun, and we captured so many moments on film that will be cherished forever!

The bride was ravishing in a slim white strapless gown with her hair done delicately. The bridal party was adorned in a beautiful blue that made our pictures “pop”.

Immediately after our time at Queen Elizabeth Park, we went to the Cecil Green Park House for the ceremony and dinner. Our team has had the privilege of working with Cecil Green Park House for other weddings, and this place never disappoints. They’ve got breathtaking grounds and a guest-oriented staff that works diligently on all the details – something we definitely have in common!

Cecil Green Park House is a well-known event and wedding venue in Vancouver, and their grounds host weddings of all sizes, celebrations, conferences, and other social gatherings. Nestled on the northwestern cliffs of the University of British Columbia, Cecil Green Park House features a bit of something for everyone.

For Karen and Petre’s wedding, the Cecil Green Park House offered the perfect backdrop. This sweet couple decided to say their vows in the garden, and the fantastic weather complimented the day beautifully.

Another thing I must mention about Karen and Petre: among their wedding photos, there are so many tender moments frozen in time. As I mentioned, if you spend just a few minutes with them, you see the closeness of this couple. Together, they blossom and bloom in smiles and tender touches. Their wedding day was an entire day of sunshine, smiles, and love.

As Karen and Petre joined in matrimony, with their closest family and friends surrounding them, I was able to capture photos of the first moments of their lives as husband and wife. It was an honor and a privilege to be present on the most special day of their lives together, and I wish Karen and Petre a lifetime of sunshine, smiles, and love!

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