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On September 12, 2015, I had the pleasure of photographing L. and M.’s wedding. The day began with photos at Spanish Banks, followed by the wedding and reception at Cecil Green Park House.

L and M are a classic couple, entwined by timeless love and laughter. The entire day was punctuated with elegance, from beginning to end.

Vancouver’s Spanish Banks made a beautiful backdrop for our first series of photographs. The entire wedding party and L and M’s family, including the children, were captured in magnificent stills against the English Bay landscape. In the natural daylight, I was able to catch the tiniest details in amazing clarity. The flowers, the dress, the smiles, and the love were all captured in all their beauty.

The Spanish Banks have become a popular destination, known for their variety of sceneries. Fields and beaches are all framed by stunning views of mountains and water. L and M’s wedding photos took full advantage of the views available to us.

The first series of wedding photos offer sweet smiles and genuine laughter accentuated by the elegance of the occasion. Everyone was dressed to the nines, and the bride’s dress was amazing. L was simply mesmerizing.

L and M’s wedding ceremony was held at Cecil Green Park House, a well known British Columbia wedding venue. Cecil Green Park House is a stunning mansion nestled along the northwest corner of the University of British Columbia. From the grounds, you can see awe-inspiring views of the mountains and seas. While the grounds offer the richest amenities, the venue is known for its traditional elegance.

Cecil Green is an award-winning venue, and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many weddings there. Each of the weddings that I photograph are unique in their own right, offering their own flavor based on the bride, the groom, and the families. L and M’s wedding was no exception.

L and M opted to have an “unplugged” wedding. This is an on-the-rise trend being seen around Vancouver. For an unplugged wedding, no cell phones are allowed during the actual wedding ceremony. I felt extremely honoured that L and M chose my services, as it was a token of the trust they placed in me.

The wedding was a raw, intimate ceremony held outside on the Cecil Green Park grounds. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun shone down from a blue sky on each of us, offering the perfect atmosphere as L and M exchanged their vows. The couple sealed their vows with a tender kiss, marking the moment the two started their life as one.

After the ceremony, we photographed the reception. Cecil Greek Park was also the location of the reception, which was a fun and lively celebration. It was such a beautiful moment, seeing the families celebrate L and M’s unity. The reception, much like the rest of the day, were full of laughter, smiles, and cheers.

It was such a privilege to document L and M’s wedding day, capturing those special moments in stills that will last a lifetime. To think that these photos will be handed down to their children is humbling. I wish L and M a lifetime of continued happiness and health as they embark on their lives together.

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